Mass Production Solar Cell will Reach a Conversion Efficiency of 25%! The 5GW Production Base of HDT High-efficiency Heterojunction Solar Cell Invested by Jinrui Energy Started Construction

On February 19th, invested by Fujian Jinrui Energy Co., Ltd., the 5GW Production Base of HDT High-efficiency Solar Cells in Jinjiang City held a groundbreaking ceremony in Jinjiang City, which was one of main activities of Jinjiang City’s 2019 Centralized Contract Signing and Opening Activities. Liu Wenru, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Quanzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee, Li Zili, Executive Vice Mayor of Jinjiang City, Guo Hongrong, Deputy Director of Jinjiang Municipal People's Congress, and Wang Wenhui, Vice Mayor of Jinjiang City attended the groundbreaking ceremony. Also attending the groundbreaking ceremony were Dr. Xu Zhi from Fujian Jinrui Energy Co., Ltd., representatives of shareholders and employees, and representatives of project construction parties.


It is reported that the 5GW Production Base of HDT High-efficiency Solar Cells is invested and constructed by Fujian Jinrui Energy Co., Ltd., planning to adopt HDT high-efficiency heterojunction solar cell technology solution and core equipment of GS-SOLAR. The conversion efficiency is estimated to reach 25%, the highest among global mass production solar cell technologies. The project is located in Wuli Park, Jinjiang Economic Development Zone and covers an area of 600 mu with a total investment of 12.5 billion yuan. After the project is fully put into operation, it is expected to yield 5GW of high-efficiency solar cells annually, with an annual output value of over 15 billion yuan and an annual tax payment of over 1.25 billion yuan. The first phase of land planning is 200 mu, with a planned investment of 5 billion yuan and a planned annual output of 2GW of high-efficiency solar cells.

In recent years, due to the outstanding advantages of heterojunction solar cells, major domestic PV manufacturers have turned their attention to heterojunction technology and have invested in the production of heterojunction solar cells. Among the domestic PV enterprises, the most eye-catching is GS-SOLAR, a company independently developed HDT high-efficiency heterojunction solar cell technology with a leading conversion efficiency in the industry. More importantly, its core equipments such as PVD and PECVD are all self-developed and proprietary, which greatly reduces the project investment cost and makes the LCOE continue to decrease to approaching grid parity. 


With a conversion efficiency of 25% and a production capacity of 5GW, the 5GW Production Base of HDT High-efficiency Solar Cells is featured with high conversion efficiency and high productivity, makes it a typical of High Quality Development of China's PV industry in the new era. The construction of the 5GW production base will effectively promote the development of semiconductor industries in Quanzhou and Jinjiang, and make it an important photovoltaic industry base in China and even the world.

As a supplier of technology and core equipment intended to use in this project, GS-SOLAR will help to promote the transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment of China's PV industry with the world leading HDT technology, and will continue to export HDT high-efficiency heterojunction solar technology and equipment solutions to the world to promote the further development of global clean energy.

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